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Field Executive: Job Description

Job Title: Field Executive

Tenure of Employment: The appointment will be made on a one year fixed term contract, with the possibility of extension

Duty Location: Karbi Anglong, Assam

Reporting to: Senior Field Executive, Grassroots Tea Corporation Private Limited (GTC) 

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Rural Management/Livelihoods/Social Entrepreneurship/Gender & Development Studies from reputed institution. Preference for those having Masters Degree

Experience: Must have experience in community organising

Responsible for: Direct field level intervention to build RWEs among small tea growers in Karbi Anglong District, Assam

Apply before: 15 July 2024

Job Description

The responsibilities of the Field Executive will involve:

  1. Identify villages/ clusters and Rural Women Entrepreneurs in the small tea grower households, conduct Outreach survey, and share data as per the required format/systems.

  2. Assist in the selection of the RWEs for the project interventions.

  3. Visit and engage with RWEs and community members on a regular basis, develop enduring relationship with them and ensure that the project activities are on track.

  4. Empower RWEs by making individual visits to their households, and conducting group meetings.

  5. Facilitate, monitor and follow up outcomes of production development programs, Entrepreneurial development programs and other capacity building sessions for RWEs at village level.

  6. Coordinate with and manage relationships with various stakeholders at village and district level, and organize and arrange for meetings.

  7. Assist in updating training timelines and calendar, in collaboration with Block Level Senior Project Officers.

  8. Take all steps to help RWEs to- set up collectives, access credit linkages, set up Homebase tea processing units, set up aggregation centres, identity efficient transportation of processed tea, ensure quality standards, ensure efficient sorting cleaning and packaging of tea, conduct exposure visits, and liaise with stakeholders as well as other RWEs.

  9. Take all steps to identify locations and required infrastructure for organizing meetings/training sessions, and establishing aggregation centres, negotiating with suppliers/vendors, and help with its operation readiness.

  10. Supervise and coordinate project activities for RWEs, in collaboration with team members.


Required Competencies

  1. Hard-working professional with experience in the implementation of women-oriented livelihood/ entrepreneurship specific programmes.

  2. Willingness to work in close collaboration with stakeholders including government, banking institutions and private sector

  3. The candidate must have basic knowledge about the tea sector, and good understanding of gender & livelihood issues in general. 

  4. Willingness to be based in Karbi Anglong and travel within Assam. 

  5. The candidate must have working knowledge of Karbi and/or Assamese and good knowledge of written and spoken English.

  6. The candidate must have basic computer skills such as Excel and Word.

How to Apply

If you feel you are the right candidate, please submit your application by e-mail to 

Please specify the name of the post applied for. Remember to include the following information in your email.

  1. A letter stating reasons for seeking a placement with GTC

  2. Latest CV

  3. Name, designation, email address and mobile number of two referees.

  4. Any written or printed evidence that establishes your credentials, if available

Closure Date: 15 July 2024

Brief Introductory Note

Small scale tea cultivation has become an integral part of the economy of Assam of late. The prospect of earning a steady income has attracted many rural people to start small tea cultiva-tion. However, the sector is not free from exploitation, both by the buyers of tea as well as own-ers of small and large tea gardens. If tea growers, men, and women, can be collectivized into growing and selling their own tea, then there could be an opportunity to break this vicious cycle.

Grassroots Tea Corporation (GTC) works with small tea growers and operates at multiple levels of value accrual. GTC empowers tea farmers to add value to their product by helping them to improve agricultural practices and encouraging them to eschew use of dangerous chemicals and pesticides and to go natural and thereby to get a higher price for their product. GTC helps the farmers to collectivize themselves, raise resources, develop business plans, and set up man-ufacturing units to process quality tea including orthodox and green tea. GTC helps manufac-turing units to aggregate, repack and sell their products at wholesale and at tea auction centers to bulk buyers so that they gain better price realization. Further, GTC sells the packaged tracea-ble, healthy, high-quality tea to retail customers under brand name equifarmtea.

Currently, GTC is technical partner in a Project, Udyamini-Rural Women Enterprises Programme (Udyamini-RWEP), anchored by AIFT, a programme of grassroots organisations. 

GTC intends to empower 1000 RWEs among small tea growers in the Karbi Anglong district, Assam over a period of four years, in the programme “Reinforcing Sustainable Rural Women Entrepreneurs in the Tea Value Chain and Initiating Corresponding Ecosystem Changes”. RWEs will get integrated to equifarmtea for a long-term sustainability. STG Udyamini-RWEP project intends to demonstrate innovative and scalable cluster level enterprises of women from small tea grower households in Assam, that manufacture handcrafted tea and create platforms that will transform the eco-system for RWEs towards sustainability and replicability.

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